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Workshops Offered in 2018

·      Baseline Diagnostic Assessment – NEW FOR 2018

Learn basic laboratory analysis to help benefit animal well-being! No experience necessary! Performing basic tests helps you and your veterinarian determine the best course of treatment for patients in your care.

·      Basic Bat Rehabilitation Workshop - RENEWED FOR 2018

This workshop covers essential bat basics, including species identification, anatomy, restraint, physical examination, and initial care. Come and develop or improve your bat skills! Proof of rabies vaccine or protective titer required.

·      Aquatic Bird Waterproofing and Protective Wrap Workshop – NEW for 2018

Learn techniques to maintain waterproofing in aquatic birds while they are in your care! Learn how to detect and prevent skin and feather problems and how different protective wraps are used in various species!

·      Basic Raptor Jesses, Anklets, and Leashes

This presentation provides a hands-on introduction to the basics of making jesses and types of swivels, leashes, and perches. During the lecture portion, our discussion includes the proper and safe use of jesses, jess designs, and the materials used to make jesses, anklets, and leashes.

·      Patient Assessment and Effective Use of Fluid Therapy in Wildlife Medicine

Providing fluids to wildlife patients is essential! Become familiar with fluid types and when to use them, fluid dose calculations, and routes of administration in multiple species.

·      Avian Necropsy

There are numerous anatomical and physiological differences between different groups of birds – this workshop covers dissection techniques and highlights some of these incredible differences.

·      Creative Thinking for Enriching Lives – Renewed for 2018

Learn the benefits, drawbacks, and safety considerations of enrichment in wildlife rehabilitation and learn how to meet species needs for enrichment at very little cost!

Workshop Preregistration

NWRA workshops are designed for an optimum learning experience through hands-on activities in small groups, therefore limited enrollment is necessary. The registration system for these workshops is outlined below. 

Only online workshop registration is available prior to arrival at the Symposium.

Online workshop preregistration is honored only for attendees who registered by the January 4 deadline. Workshop preregistration is available online, February 2, 2018 at 9am CST. 

Workshop preregistration ends on February 14, 2018, at 9am CST; after this early preregistration time ends, all attendees have access to register for workshops online, if space is available. 

Please read the following important information:

·      Each workshop is given twice daily. The only difference in the two workshop sessions is the time given. A designates the first time slot and B designates the second time slot for the same workshop. There is no difference in content from workshop A to workshop B of the same name.

·      Most workshops require a prerequisite workshop lecture. Please review the attached program grid carefully. Do not choose workshops with prerequisite lectures you cannot attend or that conflict with other presentations you wish to attend. Only hands-on workshops have limited enrollment and require signup and payment of the fee. All workshop lectures are open to any registered symposium attendee.

·      Workshops registrations are nonrefundable after February 9, 2018. To cancel a workshop registration, email with your cancellation request.

·      All workshop registrations are nontransferable. Only the named and registered individual can attend the workshop; another individual may not attend a workshop in your place. 

·      You must login to your online NWRA account to register. All registrants have a website login, including those registered as nonmembers of NWRA. Please practice your login to become familiar with its use before you register. If you have login questions, please contact our central office team, during business hours Monday through Friday, at 320-230-9920.

·      Payment is required at the time of registration through an online payment with a credit or debit card.

Please note: All workshop registrations are nonrefundable and nontransferable.


What to do when you arrive at the Symposium

All attendees must visit the registration table to receive their name badge, program book, event tickets, and other information provided to navigate the Symposium. Once you have your lanyard and name badge, you must wear it to be admitted to all events, sessions, seminars, and workshops. No one is admitted into a workshop without their name badge.

At the symposium, plan to arrive at the workshop room 10 minutes before the workshop start time. If you are late (late is defined as not being checked in and in the workshop room by the workshop start time), then anyone waiting is eligible to take your spot. No late arrivals are allowed into the workshop room and no refunds are given to those who arrive late.

Workshop attendance certificates are available online only. You can view, print, or download your certificates by logging into your profile and clicking Professional Development under Manage Profile.

Waiting list information:

If a workshop you wished to register for is full, email your desire to be placed on a waitlist to

If you are on a workshop waiting list, plan to arrive at the workshop room at least 10 to 15 minutes before the start time to expedite entry if there is an opening for you. Only cash payments are accepted