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Call for Nominations
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The Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. Each term is four years. Canadians and other international members are encouraged to nominate candidates. Nine positions will be open. All positions need not be filled; the bylaws require a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 directors.

Duties—Board members represent you, the membership; they are not selected by the board. Positions are not honorary; they are working positions. Board members must (among other things) work together to control and manage the organization’s activities, finances, and to uphold the bylaws. Each must participate in board and planning meetings held the day before the annual symposium and again in the fall (usually a three-day weekend), answer board correspondence, participate in conference calls, volunteer for and accept committee assignments, devote time to further the goals and purposes of the Association, and have some administrative and leadership skills. Board members are not paid.

Requirements—Only voting members of NWRA may submit nominations. Nominees must be current NWRA members and must fall into one of two categories: individuals that have been or presently are an active wildlife rehabilitator; or, individuals with an understanding of NWRA and the profession. For both categories, individuals should have served on an NWRA committee for at least one year or contributed in other ways to the organization (other than financial).

Nomination Procedure—Contact the person(s) you feel would make good board member(s) and discuss it with them. You may nominate yourself. Nominees should download an Application for Board Position and direct questions to: Michele Goodman c/o NWRA Office, 320-252-3027, or Nominees are required to submit their completed application, a brief biography (to be sent out with the ballots), and a letter of intent concerning their desire to serve and work on the board. New applicants must obtain two letters of recommendation; incumbents need supply only one letter of recommendation.

Election Procedure—Nominees approved by the Nominating Committee are submitted to the membership for election. Ballots containing names and biographical information are sent to all current NWRA members in November 2015. Election is by secret ballot with a simple majority vote (50% + 1 yes votes for each candidate) of the members responding. Newly elected directors are expected to attend the board meeting preceding the 2016 Symposium.



 2015 Board of Directors Application - this is available a fillable pdf form.  You may print the application and hand-write answers if you would prefer.  To utilize the application electronically, please save the form on your computer before you start to fill in the fields.