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To sponsor a session download a full sponsorship packet here.

Symposium 2018 Sponsorship Opportunity

NWRA is asking for your sponsorship to save wildlife. Your financial support is essential in providing the very best education and skills training to approximately 500 wildlife rehabilitators, educators, and veterinarians from across the continent. Participants select from more than 120 hours of educational opportunities. We are seeking your assistance to provide specialized training for 

  • wildlife rehabilitators who work every day to save injured, orphaned, and sick wild creatures, and to prevent needless suffering and death; NWRA members treat hundreds of thousands of wild animals and answer just as many phone calls and emails each year.
  • wildlife veterinarians who need specialized skills and techniques to treat medical problems in wildlife, so each wild animal can survive and thrive after release; and, 
  • wildlife educators who provide advice and education to caring citizens (children and adults), helping them understand a healthy habitat is necessary for survival of wildlife and humans. 

 These are very special people with unique knowledge and skills! Not everyone can safely provide successful, individualized, hands-on wildlife care with the goal of keeping wild creatures wild and releasing them back into native habitat. Some of us can help best by contributing money.

Why do we need your help? NWRA strives to increase access and reduce barriers to needed information and training. Your sponsorship pays actual expenses to make Symposium 2018 run smoothly and efficiently and to keep registration fees affordable for attendees, many of whom are self-funded or work in small nonprofit wildlife care facilities that depend heavily on donations. Expenses include office supplies, specialized materials and equipment (workshop bandaging materials, personal safety items, microscopes and projection camera, and audiovisual equipment to enhance participant experiences), and transporting necessary supplies and equipment to the symposium site.

Partnering for Wildlife. NWRA is partnering with three California organizations to orchestrate a successful symposium: Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center, International Bird Rescue, and California Wildlife Center, all nonprofit wildlife centers. We also are working with another national wildlife nonprofit organization. Every year the NWRA Symposium brings people together to connect, support one another, and create partnerships lasting well after Symposium programming has ended. Working together and networking is a high priority for NWRA.

For 36 years, NWRA has successfully provided high quality symposia, training classes, educational publications, and a strong networking system. Donations make it happen!

Thank you sincerely for your generous financial support and for helping our members save wildlife!
Please send your sponsorship before January 20, 2018 to ensure appropriate acknowledgement.