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Workshop Registration
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Workshop Registration Instructions
Please read carefully
Online registration opens February 22, 2017 at 9am CST


This registration is reserved for those attendees who did not qualify, or register for, workshops during preregistration. The online link to registration for workshop is available on February 22, 2017 at 9am CST. This advance notice gives you time to read the instructions, plan, and prioritize your workshop choices before you register. These instructions are designed to help you navigate the selection process and to choose the workshops you desire. You may register for only two workshops at this time. Additional workshop sign up is offered at the symposium, if space is available, or you can be placed on a waiting list.


Please read the following important information:

  • Each workshop is given twice daily. The only difference in the two workshop sessions is the time given. ‘A’ designates the first time slot and ‘B’ designates the second time slot for the same workshop. There is no difference in content from workshop A to workshop B of the same name.
  • You can register for only two workshops at this time. Limiting the number of workshops per individual allows many people an opportunity to participate in a workshop and helps keep registration fair. If you register for more than two workshops, your registration in all workshops is deleted and any payment made returned. Your place in all workshops is lost.
  • Most workshops require a prerequisite workshop lecture. Please review the attached program grid carefully. Do not choose workshops with prerequisite lectures you cannot attend or that conflict with other presentations you wish to attend. Only hands-on workshops have limited enrollment and require signup and payment of the fee. All workshop lectures are open to any registered symposium attendees.
  • All workshop registrations are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Only the named and registered individual can attend the workshop; another individual may not attend a workshop in your place.
  • You must log into your online NWRA account to register. All registrants have a website log in, including those registered as nonmembers of NWRA. Please practice your log in to become familiar with its use before the live workshop registration date. If you have log in questions, please contact our central office team, during business hours Monday to Friday, at 320-230-9920.
  • Payment is required at the time of registration through an online payment with a credit or debit card.



Step 1. Read this entire document carefully before attempting to log in and/or register.

Step 2. Review the workshop abstracts and program grid online. Abstracts are summaries of the workshop contents to help you select those you wish to attend. Remember to note when each corresponding workshop lecture is scheduled so you can attend.
Link to program grid here.
Link to workshop abstracts here.

Step 3. Practice logging into the NWRA website to ensure you are prepared for the actual registration. You can log in on any page of the website that has the Sign In text boxes. Try it now here.

Step 4. Log into your member profile to choose the Symposium 2017 Group or follow this link to register after 9am CST on February 22, 2017. The workshop registration is available online until 9pm CST on February 25, 2017. Be sure you register within this designated time. Workshop space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. An instructional video for online registration is available here.

Step 5. Choose the workshops you wish to attend. You may choose a maximum of only two workshops at this time. If you register for more than two workshops, your registration is voided and any payment made is returned; your place in all workshops is lost. Additional workshop sign up is offered at the symposium, if space is available, or you can be added to a waiting list.

Step 6. Complete the online workshop forms and enter payment information for each workshop fee. Each workshop has a $20.00 charge. If your total payment due is $40, or less, you registered for no more than the two allowed; if your payment is more than $40, you registered for more than two workshops. If you have gone over the two allowed, amend your registration to only two workshops before you complete the transaction and make payment.

Step 7. At the symposium, plan to arrive at the workshop room 10 to 15 minutes before the workshop start time. If you are late (late is defined as not being checked in and in the workshop room by the workshop start time), then anyone waiting is eligible to take your spot. No late arrivals are allowed into the workshop room and no refunds are given to those who arrive late.

Waiting list information:

  • If a workshop you wished to register for is full, email your desire to be placed on a waitlist to
  • If you are on a workshop waiting list, plan to arrive at the workshop room at least 10 to 15 minutes before the start time to expedite entry if there is an opening for you. Only cash payments are accepted at the door for those who gain entry.