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Author's Guidelines for NWRA Manuscripts
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Revised April 2011

Thank you for your interest in submitting a manuscript or article to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association for publication. These guidelines illustrate the format NWRA asks authors to use in preparing manuscripts. Following the Author’s Guideline simplifies the process for not only you, the author, but also for reviewers and editors. Please read through these guidelines to ensure you understand and follow recommendations. Please, do not hesitate to contact the NWRA editor if you need assistance. 

Full length papers, reports, research notes, case reports, well–referenced abstracts, and expanded outlines are welcome for review and possible publication. Authors may have to modify an oral presentation to better convey ideas in the written format. Verbatim transcripts or simple outlines generally must be expanded and reworked. Electronic submission of manuscripts, graphics, tables, and photos is preferred. 

The organization publishes manuscripts and other information related to wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, and educational programs to help members assist more animals. NWRA does not accept anecdotal stories, nonconstructive criticism, or derogatory items. 

Authors Guidelines-Click Here for Complete Guidelines