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Educational Materials Scholarship
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$500 (US Dollars) credit through NWRA

Application Period: August 1 to October 1

Each Educational Materials Scholarship is given to an individual to purchase educational materials, such as books, manuals, charts, and other publications needed to be informed and effective. Credit is redeemable only through NWRA. Five scholarships may be awarded annually. This scholarship is given through NWRA with funds provided by the Orphaned Wildlife Rescue Center.  

Credit must be used by December 15 of the year in which it is awarded. Any remaining unused value expires on the December 15 date. 

Completely fill out the application form (in English please) and include two signed letters of recommendation.  If sending signed recommendation letters separately, please include the applicant's name with each letter.

The application deadline is October 1 and the recipient is notified by January 1. The award is announced at the Symposium. Scholarship recipients are asked to write a paragraph or two for the NWRA newsletter summarizing their experience due to receiving the scholarship.

Please refer to the General Information section on the main scholarship page.

A list of previous winners can be found here.

Application Form:

Click here to download the fillable form or fill out the electronic form below.


If not uploading, please mail to: NWRA; Attn: Scholarships; 2625 Clearwater Road, Suite 110; St. Cloud, MN 56301; United States or email scanned letter(s) to

The information contained within this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentation or fraudulent information may be grounds for loss of scholarship funds. I understand that, in accepting a scholarship from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, I give permission to announce my receipt of a scholarship to the scholarship donors and to the NWRA board of directors and members. I further give permission to list my name as a scholarship recipient in the NWRA newsletter, the NWRA annual report, and on the NWRA website(s). All personal information as it is related to financial need or status is not shared and is kept confidential. I understand that I may be asked to write a letter of thanks to a scholarship donor and/or to NWRA, and that the letter to NWRA may be published in part or in its entirety in NWRA materials. I understand that I am requested to write a paragraph or two summarizing how this scholarship has affected my rehabilitation, and that it may be published in part or in its entirety in NWRA materials.