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Finding a Wildlife Rehabilitator
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PLEASE NOTE: NWRA does not maintain these lists and cannot vouch for the abilities of the people on these lists, nor can we guarantee that the lists are accurate or current.

If you have found an injured or orphaned wild animal, NWRA knows how important it is that you contact a local rehabilitator as soon as possible. Below are links to various lists of licensed rehabilitators.

  • The websites of some state wildlife agencies and state wildlife rehabilitation associations offer information on locally licensed rehabilitators. These agencies may be contacted by email, telephone, or fax. Click here for the Permit Offices and State Association Contacts page of this website.
  • Check the state government listings in the blue pages of your local phone directory for your state wildlife, environmental, or natural resources agency. 
  • You also may be able to locate licensed wildlife rehabilitators through your town or county animal control office, humane society, local veterinarian, or animal protection association. Check the business and/or yellow pages to see if a wildlife rehabilitation/rescue person or organization is listed. 
  • You can contact the NWRA Central Office during normal business hours at 320-230-9920 to try to locate an NWRA member in your area.