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Wildlife Care Basics for Veterinary Hospitals: Before the Rehabilitator Arrives

Here is a great resource for veterinarians:

Disclaimer: Regulations differ between geographic regions. Federal, state and provincial regulations should be adhered to. A discussion of regulations relating to veterinary work with wildlife can be found in the NWRA Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin (Whittington and Duerr. 2017. Legal Responsibilities and Restrictions for Veterinarians Working with Wildlife, NWRA Wildlife Rehabiltiation Bulletin,  Vol 1, pp. 25-37). Nutritional diet information and medical treatments consistently change as new information becomes available. Current information on medications can be found in the NWRA Formulary. Contact a local permitted wildlife rehabilitator or species specialist for appropriate diet information.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Reportingt Banded Lesser Yellowlegs

If you are outside conducting fieldwork this spring, summer, and/or fall, please keep a lookout for banded Lesser Yellowlegs. Details and instructions on flyer.

Resighting Banded Lesser Yellowlegs


Project SNOWstorm Needs Your Help

For the past 5 winters, a group of scientists has been collecting information on Snowy Owls as they migrate into the lower 48 states. Please see the attached documents for further information on the samples needed and instructions for submitting them to Project SNOWstorm.