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NWRA Insurance

For a number of years NWRA members expressed their difficulty in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage for rehabilitation activities at an affordable rate. Over these years, the NWRA board continued to pursue finding affordable insurance that would be available to all wildlife rehabilitators. Finally, a company willing to underwrite the insurance and an insurance agent willing to handle issuance of the policies for wildlife rehabilitators has been found.

NWRA is pleased that both The Hartford and Christian Baker Company have come together to formulate an insurance coverage plan with several different options for wildlife rehabilitators, including individuals that operate from their homes. Choices include: 1) Liability insurance for an accident that involves the public at your center or while away doing educational presentations; 2) Coverage for your volunteers' medical costs if they are injured while helping you or the center; 3) The extra cost to operate after your center closes due to a fire or other covered loss (if you choose property insurance); and, 4) D&O (Directors and Officers coverage) for nonprofits—all at prices that are very competitive..

A unique aspect of this offer is coverage for individual rehabilitators operating from their homes who are neither incorporated nor have nonprofit status. Your wildlife rehabilitation activities are not covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Because having wild animals on your premises is not part of normal home activities, insurers view it as a ‘home business.’ The Hartford insurance program is designed specifically for wildlife rehabilitators. If you need liability, property, or medical insurance coverage, give Christian Baker a call to discuss your needs and answer your questions.

Please note the following to understand the role NWRA holds in connection with this insurance offer:

  • NWRA does not receive any funds or compensation in goods or benefits as a result of this offer; nor does NWRA receive any compensation as a result of member participation and/or enrollment through this offer.
  • NWRA is not exclusively endorsing or recommending The Hartford or Christian Baker Company.
  • All requirements outlined for participation or enrollment in this offer are set by The Hartford and/or Christian Baker Company, including the requirement that an individual or organization be a member of NWRA to participate.
  • NWRA has no involvement or input on the insurance coverage offered, nor input on who may be covered or who may be declined.
  • NWRA has no control or input on fees charged for coverage, amendments or riders to coverage, policy changes, coverage changes, cancellation of policies, or any other aspect of this offer or insurance that may be issued.
  • The only role NWRA plays in connection with this offer is to verify annual membership in NWRA for any individual or organization applying for the insurance coverage. NWRA will continue to verify organization membership in the future as policy renewals occur.

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NWRA Insurance program is a Big Success

Fall 2008

In November 2007 the NWRA Executive Committee met with representatives of Christian Baker Co. to talk about providing an insurance program for wildlife rehabilitators. At this meeting, Christian Baker Co. representatives Jim Pace and Bob Creason gathered input from the committee on what was needed to support wildlife rehabilitators with insurance coverage. The need for ‘reasonable’ prices and ‘broad’ availability was emphasized.

An informational flyer was included in the Winter 2008 NWRA newsletter announcing the insurance program and preliminary information was distributed to members. During the Annual Membership Meeting in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Christian Baker representatives were available to answer questions, provide quotes, and even issue coverage to wildlife rehabilitators. About 50 NWRA members were provided quotes for their rehabilitation operations and to date many, if not most, have been issued coverage.

This members only program allows wildlife rehabilitators to protect themselves against many problems that previously made it difficult to obtain proper coverage. Amazingly, rehabilitators that have current coverage were surprised to obtain better coverage for significantly lower cost.

NWRA past-president, Lessie Davis, stated she is very pleased this coverage is available to members; NWRA looks forward to many years of continued help for our membership.

Katherine Uhler of Pocono Wildlife Rehab and Education Center said, “He (Jim Pace) does understand our needs, works with every aspect of insurance, and custom-tailors coverage for the budget of your facility.” She also said, “On top of all that, I now have more comprehensive coverage than I ever had and saved THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS this year.”

Jennifer Gordon from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said, “I had been searching for an insurance program for several years that meets the needs of rehabilitators. The NWRA program was not only the best coverage, but the best price as well.” She went on to say, “The service with Jim and his agency has been great. They are very knowledgeable about our industry and are quick to respond to our questions and concerns.”

Mark Heth from Georgia was tickled to learn that the NWRA Insurance Program protects his small, part-time, home based work, not just the large nonprofit wildlife centers.

If you have any questions about the NWRA Insurance Program contact the NWRA Central Office or Jim Pace at Christian Baker Co., (717)761-4712 or by