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The NWRA Approach
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For members of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, these goals are not just words. The organization sponsors programs and activities that encourage meaningful participation by all wildlife rehabilitators to improve the treatment of every wild creature in rehabilitative care.  


Since its founding in 1982, National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association has been dedicated to fulfilling specific goals.  These are:

  • Further continued improvement of the profession through development of high standards of ethics, conduct, and wildlife care.
  • Encourage networking and disseminate knowledge and information.
  • Engender cooperation among governmental agencies, private groups and individuals in order to support wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Foster respect for and protection of wildlife and natural ecosystems.


The interaction between humans and distressed wildlife is an ancient one; however, the concept of wildlife rehabilitation as a profession is a relatively recent phenomenon. Over the last thirty years, the practice of rehabilitation has grown into a discipline using a worldwide exchange of information and ideas.

As people with a shared vision on a shared earth, members of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association are dedicated, knowledgeable individuals who provide care to thousands of injured, orphaned, and diseased wild creatures each year.

Professional Standards

To promote and improve the professionalism of wildlife rehabilitation, the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association has an ongoing program dedicated to standards of operation for those providing care to wildlife. These standards for facility operation and animal care provide guidance to those involved in wildlife rehabilitation and medicine.

Our members are important contributors to both the Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation and the Code of Ethics.  The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association actively promotes and supports these documents, and urges members to continue to meet or surpass them.

To view a copy of Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation, click here (PDF file, 240KB). To purchase a copy, click here.

Grants and Awards

National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association demonstrates high regard for and support of scientific research by offering grants for studies in wildlife medicine, animal behavior, nutrition, toxicology, and other areas.

Lifetime and Significant Achievement awards recognize outstanding contributors to the field of wildlife rehabilitation.


Shared knowledge is a focal point for NWRA, and providing education and skill-building opportunities to our members is critical. The open exchange of information and the achievement of high standards in animal care, education, ethical behavior, and scientific research are what our members expect and deserve. Our annual symposia offer quality hands-on workshops, comprehensive lectures, roundtables, and panel discussions with acknowledged experts.


Equally valuable are the periodicals mailed to every member:

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin, a peer-reviewed journal
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator, containing association matters and current events
  • Membership Directory, with current contact information for state, provincial, and federal agencies, and wildlife rehabilitation associations. This valuable resource allows rehabilitators to network with hundreds of fellow members.
National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association also offers members unique publications for purchase:
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation, volumes containing peer-reviewed papers presented at each national symposium

  • Principles of Wildlife Rehabilitation, the premier text Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation, a self-evaluation tool for those serious about wildlife care

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Resources, a series of topic-specific publications

  • Topics in Wildlife Medicine, designed for veterinarians who work with native wildlife species in a rehabilitation setting

    To find out more about NWRA books, manuals, charts and other resources and to purchase online, click here.


    The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association is guided by dedicated, knowledgeable leaders who understand that members are the lifeblood of the organization! The free exchange of information is encouraged and the Membership Directory provides a great tool for networking with others. The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association supports individual efforts to achieve high standards in animal care, research, education, and ethical behavior.