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Planning a Presentation
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Planning for a Successful Presentation

NWRA requests all speakers read and follow these recommendations to ensure both attendees and speakers are provided with a rewarding experience. All of these recommendations are made as a result of actual problems recently encountered by speakers. NWRA does everything possible to assist speakers with their presentations, but there is a limit to what can be done to remedy a problem if a speaker omits the key elements listed below. 

Above all, it is very important that each speaker come to the AV Room at the Symposium, preferably the day before you are scheduled to speak, but at least four hours before your scheduled speaking time, to check for any problems before the start of the presentation. The AV Room provides space for speakers to run through their presentations.


General Information

NWRA provides laptops with PowerPoint 2010 and LCD projectors, wireless mics, and laser pointers. Slides appear simultaneously on the laptop and on the room screen. While the laptop is on the podium, NWRA provides projector remotes, so it is not necessary for the speaker to remain at the podium during the presentation.

NWRA has several wireless microphone choices, including hand-held, lavalier, and ear-set. Each speaker will be fitted with a mic to ensure everyone in the room is able to hear the presentation.

If you have technical questions after reading this, please contact NWRA ( and put “AV Question” in the subject line.

Laptop Computer Options

  1. If you prefer to use your own laptop, please bring it. By doing so you can be certain everything needed is on your machine.
  1. Remember to bring your charger and power cord.
  2. If you use a Mac, please bring it. NWRA can accommodate both Macs and PCs; however, NWRA’s laptops are Windows PCs.
  1. If using a Mac, please bring the proper Mac video-to-standard VGA adapter. NWRA LCD projectors work fine with Macs, but Apple has video adaptors for each version of Mac.  NWRA has a few Mac video adapters, but only one of each type. Please bring the proper Mac video adapter for your machine.
  1. If using both audio and video in your presentation, it is better to bring your own laptop.  Given the wide and ever-expanding variety of operating systems, PowerPoint versions, and audio/video formats, NWRA cannot cover every possible combination.
  1. Always bring a backup copy of your presentation on a flash drive or CD.  In the event something should happen to your laptop, the copy can be used on an NWRA-supplied computer. Test the backup copy before leaving home to ensure it functions properly.
  1. Bring TWO copies of your presentation and store them in separate places while traveling (e.g., one in suitcase and one in pocket). Accidents can and do happen during travel. Upon arrival, speakers have discovered lost or malfunctioning flash drives and scratched, cracked, or lost CDs.
  1. If not bringing your laptop, but only bringing a flash drive and/or a CD, please test that flash drive and/or CD on a different machine from the one used to create the presentation.  When preparing a PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint links to the audio and/or video applications on that specific computer, but the PowerPoint file may or may not link to audio and/or video applications on another computer.  Testing the file on another computer prior to arrival at the Symposium prevents this unfortunate event.
  1. Please ask questions in advance. If you have technical questions, contact NWRA ( and put “AV Question” in the subject line. Discussing questions or potential problems before arrival at the Symposium gives you and NWRA a much better chance to resolve any potential complications.
  1. Remember, it is very important that you come to the AV Room at least four hours before your presentation, preferably the day before you are scheduled to speak. Things will work smoothly if your file is loaded and checked for compatibility issues well in advance. If time is limited, the options available to correct a problem are limited as well.

Remote Control Device

NWRA uses the Targus AMP13 remote control. Controls on the Targus are easy to use, even in a darkened room, and it has a built-in laser pointer.

Microphone Options

To ensure all attendees can hear each presentation, NWRA insists on fitting every speaker with a mic and providing the proper adjustment.

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