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Policy and Position Statements
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The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association is incorporated for the support of the science and profession of wildlife rehabilitation and its practitioners.

Position statements are an opportunity to address specific topics affecting the profession of wildlife rehabilitation. These statements provide background on the topic, evidence-based research, and support for what the NWRA believes to be the best practice at the time of the statement.

Positions statements can be used by wildlife rehabilitators to

  • Gain deeper insight into a specific topic affecting wildlife rehabilitation and its practitioners
  • Share with other individuals or organizations working to better understand the current situation
  • Provide an evidence-based tool for decision makers on the topic


NWRA Policy and Position Statements


Position Statement: COVID-19 Considerations for Wildlife Rehabilitation (IWRC and NWRA Joint Statement-2020)

Position Statement: The Use of Surrogate Wild Animals (2020)

Position Statement: Rehabilitating North American Bats during the SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 Pandemic (2020)

Position Paper on Feral Cats (2010)

Policy: Handling Rabies Vectors (2002)

NWRA Veterinary Committee Statement Regarding the Use of Tamiflu®

Guidelines for Educators