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NWRA Research Grants
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$6,000 (US dollars) available

The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association has research grants available in the field of wildlife rehabilitation, including wildlife medicine and wildlife education. An individual project may be funded up to $11,000 (US dollars), or NWRA may fund several smaller projects for a total of $11,000.  Pre-proposals are due October 1.  

Goals of the NWRA Grant Program:

Improve Animal Care

  • Identify new, and refine current, wildlife rehabilitation techniques (e.g., medical, nutritional, or caging techniques)
  • Develop and validate new wildlife treatments and diagnostics

Assess Wildlife Health

  • Investigate medical conditions that affect native wildlife
  • Compile biomedical health parameters of native wildlife species
  • Assess the impacts of medical treatments on wildlife

Develop New Technology for Wildlife Care in Captivity

  • Assess applicability of radio telemetry and other techniques to monitor survival of wildlife after release 
  • Develop hardware to improve wildlife rehabilitation

Develop New or Evaluate Current Techniques Used in Wildlife Education

  • Investigate the efficacy of current educational program techniques
  • Develop and evaluate new educational programs
  • Develop and evaluate new techniques for training or using educational animals

NOTE: Research done on species not found in North American must be applicable to those species or ecosystems that do occur in North America. Similarly, any new drugs or techniques evaluated must be accessible in North America. 

A Preproposal application is required:

  • Title of Preproposal (less than 100 characters). The title must clearly describe the project.
  • Applicant(s) Information. Name, affiliation, mailing address, phone number, and email address for principle investigator, name and affiliation for all coinvestigators. 
  • Hypothesis and Objectives. A document in which the hypothesis is explicitly stated and specific aims are given. The document should be under three pages in length.

Complete preproposals are reviewed by the NWRA Grant Committee and evaluated for relevance to the goals of NWRA. If deemed relevant, the applications are scored on scientific merit/quality and the ability of investigators to perform work and distribute findings. Successful preproposals are invited to submit a full application. Full proposals undergo review by the Grant Committee and notification occurs by January 30. For a list of proposals funded in past years, click here.

Those receiving NWRA support are required to present the results of their project through an NWRA publication (and a future Symposium, if possible) within two years of grant receipt. An annual progress report also is required.

Application Forms:

Click here to download the Preproposal Application as a fillable Word Document that can be submitted by email or by regular mail.

Or, apply online: