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NWRA Symposium 2014

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Wildlife Rehabilitation: The Next Generation

Hosted by Walden's Puddle Wildlife and Education Center



Excerpts From Scholarship Winner Comments


Mikaela Gray, Alma Natura North America Scholarship 

This year is the first year that I have attended the NWRA Symposium. What I found when I walked in the doors was camaraderie, a wealth of intelligence, and experienced experts willing to divulge their stories in order to better the lives of future wildlife. I learned a great deal about mammals (and attended a few wonderful lectures on lizards and turtles), cage-building, and what it takes to run a wildlife rehabilitation center.


Heather Barron, DVM, William Jessen Memorial Scholarship

It was a wonderful conference and a great pleasure to attend and have the opportunity to share information with everyone. As this was my first attendance at an NWRA symposium, I was very excited to find the quality of information presented and the organization of the conference to be so excellent. I really enjoyed being able to network with so many knowledgeable wildlife experts. I can’t wait for next year’s conference!


Erica Eads, Eric Sticht Memorial Scholarship


If I learned anything at the 2014 NWRA Symposium, it was that almost no knowledge in wildlife rehabilitation is purely academic. I have attended various continuing education lectures and labs in other fields that have taught me about a topic. At this symposium, even anecdotes and statistics showed me how rather than about. When I heard about the natural history and habitat of a desert tortoise, I learned when, where, and how to release a desert tortoise. When I learned about pharmacokinetic studies on analgesic medications in avians, I learned how to ease pain in birds.


Anne Staudenmaier, Ed Hiestand Memorial Veterinary Student Scholarship

In veterinary school, the opportunities to learn more about wildlife medicine are often slim compared to the outlets for large and small animal medicine. At the conference, I was introduced to wonderful people and amazing experiences. The wildlife rehabilitation community is indescribably welcoming, and the continuing education offered through the labs and speakers revealed an entire world of knowledge I never before had the chance to discover. 


Tracie Young, Deb Chandler Memorial Scholarship

This year was my first NWRA Symposium and I didn’t know what to expect. The week at the symposium was magnificent! I came away with so many new ideas, brilliant suggestions, and input from fellow rehabilitators of what works and what doesn’t. Not only is this type of information critical and valuable to this field of work, but also to the patients we are trying to help. I met so many new people, made new friends and contacts. The lectures were fantastic, and the amazingly unique topics to choose from made it hard to choose which one I wanted to attend. The knowledge and ideas I gained from the lectures and workshops were priceless.