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NWRA Symposium 2011
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Albany, New York

Quotes from various conference attendees

The symposium was fantastic! The workshops and seminars were very pertinent to the wildlife rehabilitation work I perform in Brazil. I was able to bring back and share important information with other volunteers and also purchase materials not available in Brazil that will improve our chances to save our wildlife. I had the chance to present an overview of the Vinaceous Parrot reintroduction research project and get valuable feedback. In addition, I met incredible professionals and some are still in touch sharing their endless knowledge on various species. Overall, attending the NWRA symposium was an extremely valuable experience and I truly appreciate this opportunity. I hope to be able to attend other NWRA meetings in the future. 
Vanessa Kanaan, Brazil

This conference was extremely important to me for another key reason—other’s experience is really the key for learning how to do this work. I want to work with birds that are fairly difficult (songbirds, aquatics, waders, peeps). For these birds, having resources is vital for their success and there is nothing more valuable than having contact with those folks who have sweated and stressed through trial and error. And finally, there is really nothing like being with a large community of others who really love and care for animals the way we rehabbers do. Making new friends is a highlight, and makes us all feel like we are not alone. In sum, the great education, the hands–on training, the idea sharing, the networking, and the making of new friends culminates into an extremely beneficial experience that will influence my work for years. Top that off with just a wonderful and fun group of people who put the conference on and make it the great success that it is.
Elise Wolf, OR

I would like to thank the NWRA for the Eric Sticht Memorial Scholarship which allowed me to attend the annual NWRA conference in Albany, New York at the end of February.  I had a wonderful time. It allowed me to make contacts in the field, learn about new emerging diseases, ongoing research and refresh my memory on so many other topics.

There were so many great talks at the conference it’s hard to highlight just a few. Nevertheless, some of the highlights for me were learning about the Cormorant research being done on New Castle Disease and Avian Influenza as well as the current information on White Nose Syndrome in bats. The “WILD-One” program that can help rehabbers compile information and discover trends across North America and both the mammal and avian critical care seminars were also extraordinary. And of course, the banquet dinner and creative entertainment was superb - having a Hummingbird land in my wine was the icing on the cake.

From the contacts I made at the conference, I plan on doing an externship rotation with one of the highly regarded centers and I learned that these externships are popular. So it’s a good thing that I am planning almost two years ahead!  I look forward to working with these prestigious veterinarians and want to pick their brains about some cases that I’ve seen close to home.  The Albany conference has been fundamental to allow me to make theses contacts and to expand my skills, while launching my future in wildlife medicine and research. Thank you NWRA.
Monica Kovacs
University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2013


(From a card featuring a large smiling face on the front)

Dear Wildlife Friends at NWRA,


You've given me a lot to 'significantly' smile about!

What a surprise and honor it is to be selected for an NWRA Significant Achievement Award -- thank you for an honor I will never forget, especially from my esteemed wildlife colleagues!

NWRA Rocks!

(signed) Resee Collins

Wow where to start, I would like to begin by saying Thank You. I have only been rehabbing for about 4 years now.I brought home so much information that I can not wait to use what I learned. It was an experience that I will never forget and can not wait to attend next years Symposium. The classes I got to attend the speakers and Veterinarians I had the chance to work with exceeded my expectations. One of my personal favorites was the Keynote speaker. Christina she was so entertaining and is a truly talented lady.It opened things on a high note. I am still enjoying her Cd's. I feel if someone has not had the chance to attended a NWRA Symposium has not had the chance to understand the overall experience. Meeting other wildlife rehabilitators makes it real, you know that you are not alone in this crazy world we share. The fact that you get to network and share experiences, vent frustrations, get and give advice, laugh at things only those of us who rehab would get is priceless. I can not wait until next year to reconnect with all my new friends and hope to get the chance to share with many new ones.

The atmosphere in Albany was very welcoming. The hotel was amazing and the staff was very helpful. I enjoyed the snow and sharing it with those who had never seen snow before. I will never forget the look on the young girls face when she made her first snow angel in the parking lot!! Memories I will have forever.

I would encourage everyone who rehabs wildlife to attend, to share in the knowledge that is out there to learn, the friends you will make and the chance to learn from those who pave the road in front of us, the experience is priceless!!! Once again I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience it truly changed my life.

God Bless each and everyone of you.

Jennifer Cunningham, IN


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