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Symposium 2020 - FRI Handouts


Samantha Christie
Considerations for Treating Oiled Amphibians I
Considerations for Treating Oiled Amphibians II

Marcia D. Gannon

Giovanni Granati
- High-tech Training for Birds of Prey I
- High-tech Training for Birds of Prey II

Mapping Circumstances of Admission to Guide Outreach

Treating Heavy Metal Toxicity in a Turkey Vulture

Controversy, Addressing Sensitive Subjects in Non-Personal Interpretation 
Edu Outreach

Feather Check Chart

- Flight Chart
- Southeastern Raptor Center Flight Evaluation Scoring System 

Erica A. Miller, DVM and Allison Ricko
Evaluating the Efficacy of Sixteen Surfactants for Removing Petrochemicals from Feathers*

Erica A. Miller, Lisa A. Murphy, Cristin Kelley
Cases of Suspected & Confirmed Carbofuran Toxicosis in Eagles

Dr. Karra Pierce, DVM, CWR 
- Fluid Therapy in Wildlife I
- Fluid Therapy in Wildlife II

Leslie Reed, DVM
Lead Toxicity: It's Not Just For The Birds

Will Sander DVM, MPH, DACVPM
Growing Crisis of Antibiotic Resistance

Lisa Smith
Extreme Re-Nesting: Building a New Bald Eagle Nest 

Claude Velter
The EUROWA training philosophy
The Bow Jubail oiled wildlife incident: success factors of an international tiered response onthe basis of standards of good practice 

Michelle Camara
- Therapeutic Wildlife Education for High-Risk Juvenile Racoons

Jenny Schlieps
- Mapping Beaver Territory 

Meredith Rosenhagen
- What happens to an animal after it reaches rehab?
- PAWS Placement Statement

McKenzie Joslin-Snyder
Case Study: Treating Heavy Metal Toxicity in a Turkey Vulture

Andrea Ambrose and Sarah Tegtmeier
Surfactant Testing