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Symposium 2020 - WED Handouts


Biosecurity Applications in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Mammal Necropsy 101

- USFWS Presentation
Nest Destruction Policy
- Nest Destruction Policy and Relocation FAQ
- Donating and Selling Non-Eagle Feathers Repositories 
- Eagle Exhibition Permit FAQ
- Eagle Exhibition Permit APP
- Federal Possession Permit
- Federal Rehab Permit
- Acquisition Transfer
- List of MBTA Protected Species
- Possession Permit
- Rehab Permit FAQ
- Vet Letter Template
- Non-eagle Repository Request
General exceptions to permit requirements
- Special Purpose Possession Permit
- Eagle Exhibition 
- General Permit Procedures
- Regulation Rehabilitation 

Compassion Fatigue 
SWOT Analysis 
Better Self Care = Better Animal Care
Strategy for Busy Season
The Hard Truth About the Work We Do
Self Care in Wildlife Rehab
- Compassion Fatigue Resiliency Tools 

Rebecca Duerr DVM MPVM PhD
Avian Necropsy 

Dr. Karra Pierce MS, MPH, DVM, CWR, CPH
Learning about Populations through Individuals

Nicki Rosenhagen, DVM
Avian Radiographs 101

Will Sander DVM, MPH, DACVPM 
Common Zoontic Diseases in Avian and Reptile Patients

Miranda Torkelson, DVM - Michelle Willette DVM, MPH, DACVPM
Training Dr. Wild: Defining the Skillset of a Clinical Wildlife Veterinarian
Training Dr. Wild II

Jamie Clarke, CVT
Biosecurity Applications in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Laura Stastny
Collaborating/Partnering for Success Worksheet
Collaborating for Wildlife
NWRI Wildlife Rabies Exposure Form
Bat Basics
Mealworm Husbandry and Prep for Insectivorous Bats

Bonnie E. Gulas-Woblewski
Cormies and Snakes and Skunks, Oh My! 
Zoonoses in Mammals

Kimberly A McMunn MS, MPH, DVM
Avian Wing Injuries 
Wing Injuries- Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment 

Samantha Sander, DVM, Dipl ACZM
Avian Aspergillosis: What, How & When of Infections + Treatment

Jenny Schlieps
Standards in Wildlife Rehabilitation

Renee Schott, DVM, CWR
MG Conjunctivitis in House Finches and Other Passerines

Thomas W. deMaar, DVM and Bonnie Gulas-Wroblewski
Supporting One Health: Creating a Disease History Library