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Symposium 2015
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NWRA Symposium 2015

Princeton, New Jersey


Comments from Scholarship Recipients

“Owl Moon Raptor Center is thrilled to be the recipient of the 2015 NWRA Cage Building Scholarship. This year’s unprecedented $3000 award will greatly benefit the raptors we rehabilitate by allowing us to move them through the recovery/reconditioning/release process faster, and reduce our reliance on other facilities to complete the process.” Suzanne Shoemaker, Maryland


“….recipient of the NWRA Alma Natura Trust scholarship. Because of your generosity, the organization for which I work was able to send other … workers to this year’s event. The marriage NWRA has created between experts, speakers, and hands-on workshops is unlike any other learning experience; it truly leaves one feeling mentally nourished and ready for the upcoming busy wildlife season. The NWRA is making all the difference in the future of wildlife care. Please continue to organize this wonderful educational event where knowledge and experience are shared.” Jamie Ray, Missouri


“Having been awarded the Eric Sticht Memorial Scholarship I was able to attend the NWRA 2015 Symposium for the full week, including a pre-symposium seminar. During times in which workshops were not available, I spent my time networking with fellow rehabilitators. Everyone was so willing to share their knowledge and experience with me as I start my journey in the rehabilitation world.” Sarah Mildren, Massachusetts


Thank you for choosing me for the 2015 Rachel Fischoff Scholarship. Thanks to you and yours, I’m able to attend this year’s symposium… Otherwise, it would have been a strain on my finances and I probably wouldn’t be able to attend. Wendi Arndt, Connecticut