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Sessions and Roundtables

Program Listing 

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Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course (Day 1) from International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council,

  Renée Schott, DVM, MN


Trauma Management Seminar, Erica Miller, DVM, DE; John Huckabee, DVM, WA;

  Diane Nickerson, NJ

Oiled Wildlife Seminar, Jenny Schlieps, CA

Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course (Day 2) from International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, Renée

  Schott, DVM, MN

Wednesday Morning

Opening Session/Member Meeting

 Keynote: Patricia Pesavento, DVM, PhD, CA

Patient Assessment & Fluid Therapy in Wildlife Medicine Workshop Lecture, Julia Whittington,   DVM,IL; Nicki Rosenhagen, DVM, WA

Wednesday Afternoon

Administration Session

My Journey to Nonprofit Status, Deborah Sykes, TN

Networking for Wildlife, Tracy Leaver, NJ

Grant Writing 101, Holly Duvall, AB

Succession Planning: Transitioning from a Founder-driven Organization, Joshua Saranpaa, OR

Diagnostics & Parasites Session

Protozoan Parasites: Implications for Wildlife Rehabilitators, Lynn Miller, PhD, FL

Ick of Ticks, Bonnie Gulas-Wroblewski, TX

Mange in California Wildlife: Case Study of the San Joaquin Kit Fox, Jaime Rudd, CA

Life & Consequences of Avian Blood Parasites (Hemoparasites), Jamie Clarke, MN

Avian Hematology & Chemistry: Guidelines for Use in Injured Raptors, Vicki Joseph, DVM, CA

Basic Raptor Jesses, Anklets, and Leashes Workshop, Jeff Meshach, MO

Patient Assessment & Fluid Therapy in Wildlife Medicine Workshop Lecture, Julia Whittington,   DVM, IL; Nicki Rosenhagen, DVM,


Poster Presentations [Presented Wednesday Afternoon]

Determining Effect of Admission Status and Human Conflict on

  Release Rates in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Jessica Velthuis, CO 

Occurrence of Wildlife Gastrointestinal Parasites in Sonoma County, California, Sarah Bessing,   CA

Creature (dis)Comforts: Impacts of Human Population Growth on Wildlife Injury, Amber Engle,   CA

Raccoon Papillomatosis, Ali Sanz, PA

Oral Tumor in a Skunk, Rachel Durrwachter, PA

Frostbite Injuries in Pelicans, Claire Best, Jo Joseph, Julie Skoglund, Rebecca Duerr, DVM, CA

Brown Pelican Wreck of 2010, Eddie Fereirra, Jo Joseph, Julie Skoglund, Rebecca Duerr, DVM, CA

Juvenile Brown Pelican Wreck of 2012, Connor Mathews, Jo Joseph, Julie Skoglund, Rebecca   Duerr, DVM, CA

Algae Bloom Event, Chi Le, Jo Joseph, Julie Skoglund, Rebecca Duerr, DVM, CA


Wednesday Evening

Over Capacity! Dealing with a Rapid Influx of Patients, Renée Schott, DVM, MN

Tennessee's Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Permitting Program, Walter Cook, TN

So You Are the Boss: Now What?, Jennifer Convy, WA

Workshop Lectures

Avian Necropsy Workshop Lecture, Rebecca Duerr, DVM, CA

Baseline Diagnostic Assessment Workshop Lecture, Sherri Cox, DVM, ON


Thursday Morning

Waterbirds Session

Complete Waterfowl Care, Michele Goodman, VMD, PA

Loons, Loons, Everywhere!, Rebecca Duerr, DVM, CA

Aquatic Bird Waterproofing & Protective Wrap Workshop Lecture, Kylie Clatterbuck, CA;

  Isabel Luevano, CA

Mammal Session

Rehabilitating Black Bears in an Ever-changing Landscape, Jennifer Convy, WA

Using Science to Aid Virginia Opossum Rehabilitators, Lynn Miller, PhD, FL

GI Disease in Weanling Cottontails, Gabriele Paul, CO

Basic Bat Rehabilitation Workshop Lecture, Renée Schott, DVM, MN; Gail Buhl, MN

Urban Wildlife Conflict

 Out of Control Wildlife Control: The Importance of Utilizing More Humane & Effective Approaches,   John Griffin, MD

Resolve Wildlife Conflicts Over the Phone & Prevent Unnecessary Orphaning!, Laura Simon, CT

Teach the Tormentor to be Tolerant: The Use of Humane Harassment in Wildlife Center     
  Outreach, Jill Argall, PA

Ethical Wildlife Control, Rebecca Dmytryk, CA

Wildlife Conflict Panel Discussion, John Griffin, MD; Laura Simon, CT; Jill Argall, PA; Rebecca 
  Dmytryk, CA

Baseline Diagnostic Assessment Workshop, Sherri Cox, DVM, ON


Thursday Afternoon

Education Session

Effective & Engaging Presentations, Melissa Moore, NM

Incorporating STEM into Wildlife Education, Deborah Sykes, TN

Teaching the World: Virtual Programs & Other Adventures, Amanda Nicholson, VA

Behind the Scenes: Considerations for Developing an Indoor Bird Show, Jackie Kozlowski, UT

Rehabilitator Training through Hands-on Workshops, Michele Goodman, VMD, PA

Enrichment & Husbandry Session

Enriching the Mind, Katherine Kefalos, PA

More than just a Perch: Creating Caging that Works!, Raina Domek, WA

Husbandry Behaviors for Ambassador Animals: Fundamentals for Success, Gail Buhl, MN; Jackie

  Kozlowski, UT; Melissa Moore, NM

Husbandry Behaviors for Ambassador Animals Panel Discussion, Gail Buhl, MN; Jackie

  Kozlowski, UT; Melissa Moore, NM

Wound Management Session

Evaluating & Managing Wounds: A Veterinary Perspective, Faye Lorenzsonn, DVM, OK

Wound Management Tips, Krystal Woo, DVM, NS

Topical Products & Dressings, Julia Whittington, DVM, IL

Wound Management Case Examples, Faye Lorenzsonn, DVM, OK; Krystal Woo, DVM, NS; Julia 

  Whittington, DVM, IL

Disease Session

Fun & Games with Wildlife Diseases, Nicki Rosenhagen, DVM, WA; Julia Whittington, DVM, IL

Avian Necropsy Workshop, Rebecca Duerr, DVM, CA


Friday Morning

Assorted Topics Session

 WRMD: Overview, Updates, New Features, Devin Dombrowski, CA

Incubating & Hatching Reptile Eggs: It's Not like Birds! Elise Gundlach, OK

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for the Wildlife Patient, Halley Buckanoff, NC

Helping Your Vet Help You, Guthrum Purdin, DVM, CA

Excuse me, Waiter ... There's a Clowder in my Chowder, Linda Cherkassky, NJ

Interns & Volunteers Session

Enticing Internships from Undergrads to Veterinarians, Halley Buckanoff, NC; Kelli Knight, DVM,VA

Making the Most of your Internships, Jessica Lindberg, PA

An Intern's Perspective on Three Different Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers & What Can Be Learned,         Jessica Kwan, CA 

Manage & Protect Volunteers at Your Rehabilitation Center, Jim Pace, PA

Avian Session

Problems with Rehabilitation & Release of Big Black Birds, Elaine Friedman, CA

Rehabilitation Challenges of Bald & Golden Eagles, Vickie Joseph, DVM, CA

Wound Management: A Surgical Approach to Propatagial Repair, Mohammed Saud, Nadeem

  Shehzad, India

Fowl Language, Erica Miller, DVM, DE

Ocular Injuries in Adult Songbirds in Captive Care: A New Concern, Lisa Fosco, TN

Basic Bat Rehabilitation Workshop, Renée Schott, DVM, MN; Gail Buhl, MN


Friday Afternoon

Release & Survival Session

Fostering for Survival, Yvonne Wallace Blane, Marge Gibson, WI

Release Considerations Revisited, Lisa Fosco, TN

What Happens After, Curt Clumpner, CA

Veterinary Session

Effects of Dextrose on Survival of Cold Seabirds, Nancy Anderson, DVM, CA

Is Wildlife Critical & Intensive Care Worth it?, Ernesto Dominguez Villegas, DVM, VA

Dealing with Hypothermia after Anesthesia: Why It Happens and Why Do We Care?, Nicole

  Rose, DVM, AB

Resistance is Growing! An Overview of Antimicrobial Resistance in Rehabilitation, Jamie Clarke,


Physical Therapy: Tips, Tricks, & Research, Krystal Woo, DVM, NS

Got Skunks?! Roundtable, Stephanie Oravetz, Bonnie Gulas-Wroblewski, TX

Aquatic Bird Waterproofing & Protective Wrap Workshop, Kylie Clatterbuck, CA; Isabel Luevano, CA

Saturday Morning

Community & Communications Session

Learn to Speak Vet, Renée Schott, DVM, MN

Surviving Leadership Transition by Reaching Out to your Community, Melissa Moore, NM

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?, Alysha Elsby Evans, LVT, WA

Diversity & Inclusion in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Kai Williams, OR

Standards of Care Session

Righting the Ship:  How Small Changes Have Big Effects, Debbie Sykes, Laurie Campbell, TN

Ethics & Stress in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Marie Travers, January Bill, CA

Release More Animals! AKA Making Numbers Fun! Renée Schott, DVM, MN

Best Practices in Placing Nonreleasable Wildlife, Gail Buhl, MN

Creative Thinking for Enriching Lives Workshop, Raina Domek, WA

Veterinary Seminar-This program 1209-31775 is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 9.00 CE Credits (9.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 9.00 Veterinary Technician CE Credits (9.00 max).



Saturday Afternoon

Advanced Training Techniques Workshop, Gary Wilson, CA

Veterinary Seminar (continued)