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Passerine Fundamentals

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Passerine Fundamentals

by Veronica Bowers

2016 - 100 pages


Table of Contents

Intake and Initial Care Basics

            Exam Checklist

            Fluids and Rehydration

            Nestling Bird Identification Tips

            Stress: Causes and Prevention

Hatchling and Nestling Initial Care

Fledgling Initial Care

Hand-feeding Baby Birds

            Why Insects

            Diet Notes by Age

            Hatchling Diet

            Nestling Diet

            Diet Notes for Finches

            Fledgling Diet

Care and Feeding of Insects

Hand-feeding Frequencies

Reluctant Gapers

Keeping Clean

Indoor Housing

            Indoor Enrichment

Outdoor Housing

            Outdoor Housing Set-up and Enrichment

            Guidelines for a Good Enclosure          

Release Criteria and Considerations

            Physical Criteria

            Behavioral and Psychological Criteria

            Song Development

            Migratory Birds

            Considerations for Specific Species

            When and Where to Release

            Juveniles and Adults

            Hard Release vs. Soft Release

            Considerations for Selecting an Alternate Release Site

Diet Recipes and Food Charts

            Fat Soluble Vitamin Supplementation for Self-Feeding Animals

            Diet for Passerine Hatchlings

            Supplements for Nestling and Fledgling Passerines Hand-rear on a 100% Insect Diet

            Supplemental and Free-Choice Foods Chart

            Wild and Cultivated Fruits by Season

Renesting and Reuniting

Educating the Public and Supporting Songbirds

Washing Contaminated Songbirds

Resources and References

Supplies and Where to Buy

Basic Songbird Aviary Construction Plans

How to Make Knit Nests

Identification Chart Hatchling and Nestling Passerine Birds

Passerine Identification Photos