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Keel Wrap

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The purchase of a Bird Ally X Reusable Keel Wrap includes~ One medium size adjustable BAX Reusable Keel Wrap One delicate laundry bag for protecting your wraps during wash One pair of reusable foot booties An example keel protector BAX Reusable Protective Keel Wrap Sewing pattern/Instructions Help Prevent keel lesions when housing aquatic birds out of water- Applying preventative wraps to aquatic birds housed out of water is essential for preventing pressure lesions and improving the success of rehabilitation. Traditional methods of applying preventative wraps increase waste and require more time and skill to apply. The development of prefabricated reusable keel wraps- Reduces the patients stress by reducing application time Reduces waste produced by the use of disposable bandage material Reduces volunteer and staff resource requirements Is highly adjustable to the individual bird Is easy to apply May be washed as normal laundry Advancing the bird through the rehabilitation process quickly to a state that allows it to be housed in water is the ultimate preventative treatment.